ISCM Rescue & Rehome


ISCM members support the Irish Setter breed and our Club's mission through our rescue efforts.

Irish Setters come into our rescue program through referrals from local humane societies in Minnesota and nearby states, through individual contacts/referrals, and directly from owners who find themselves unable to continue to care for their beloved Irish Setter due to circumstances beyond their control.

If you know of an Irish Setter needing a new 'forever' home or are interested in adopting an Irish Setter...

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Some recent ISCM 'matches'...



Roan recently joined his new family in the Twin Cities and is settling in nicely. The snow is a new experience for this former Pacific Coast pup!



Irene found her new home in Ely, MN. As you can see from the photo, we occasionally find new homes for other types of Setters --- Irene is a lovely Llewellyn Setter and we hear she LOVES her new family!



Shaylee enjoys her new yard and family in Wisconsin. Club members and contacts in nearby states support our rescue efforts, ensuring each dog finds the best home possible.



Murphy is enjoying his new home in Wisconsin, too!